To Refresh, Renew, Rekindle, Revive and Restore marriage relationships through workshops, seminars, conferences and social media. To equip Singles to lay solid foundation for a godly marriage through singles’ seminars, counseling and short courses on marriage. Pray and Intercede for all Christian Marriages especially marriages of Ministers of God.


Enriching and Reviving Relationships.....

Our Objectives:

  • To reduce the alarming rate of divorce and marital breakdown in our society.
  • To tackle some topics on marriages that are not often preached on the pulpit throughseminars,workshops on social media.
  • To create a forum for couples to share experiences and learn from one another.
  • To create a forum for all singles who desire a lasting relationship to mingle
  • Raise Foster parents especially fathers for the children whose fathers are absent to reduce the delinquency and gun and knife crime among the youths. Similarly, creating different programs to keep them busy with more positive and constructive interventions.
  • To organize counseling sessions, and MMMW conferences globally.
  • Annual Ministers’ Couples’ Conference to enhance marriages of ministers of God.