My Early Beginning:

I was less than 3 years in marriage when I was ordained as a pastor alongside with my husband in 2003. Since then I have been involved in the work of the ministry in Italy, Nigeria and United Kingdom. I speak in women conferences and singles forum more in Italy before relocating to the UK. On getting to the UK in November 2012. I never wanted to go into the ministry in the UK as I felt I needed a break. But God’s plan was different. In December 2012, a month coming into this country, I heard My Marriage Must Work, I rose up from my sleep, took my jotter and started writing all the instructions and information towards this work directly from God.

The Mandate:

The Mandate was directly received from God with the name and specific instruction in December 2012 but MMMW began physically meeting two years ago. Precisely, Saturday 26th February 2015 at Crayford Library.

In summary, the vision is to Enrich and Revive Marriages and every relationship that the lord has ordained to be. God hates divorce and we must do all we can to make sure that our marriages are not afflicted by the enemy. We do this through seminars, annual award to celebrate marriages and appreciate families, and valentines get together. We create a romantic atmosphere for couples and mature singles to meet and have fun thus boosting the couples’ intimacy and create opportunities for mature singles to learn and mingle with other singles.

God hates divorce with a passion and He wants us to promote love, unity, togetherness, marriage and families in any way we can. The outcome has been amazing. We have testimonies of relationships restored, marital bond strengthened, insecurity in marriage overcome, divine connections for marriageable singles and many miracle babies.

Seeing Through the Vision:

That same morning with excitement, I jumped out of the bed and shared the vision with my husband and the family we were managing with. I managed to open a Facebook page and left it. I started praying about it and looking at the possibility of running my business first and then do the work of the ministry there after. I joined Mary kay cosmetic and abandoned NHS Professionals as part of my business plan. A year into the business, I became a Sales director and planned to progress to the position of a Senior Director.

At this point, God began to minister to me through circumstances and the people of God. In December 2014 exactly 2 years after receiving this call, I yielded.  In January 2015, I was restlessly looking for ideas of how to modify the name so that more people will accept it. Knowing fully well the kind of country we are, marriages are taken so lightly and separation, break ups and divorce was becoming the norm. After a while, the Lord said to me “If you modify the name MY MARRIAGE MUST WORK, you have modified the vision” Then I stopped researching for a name.